December 3, 2023


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Work Isn’t the Enemy of Good Parenting: A Review of “Ambitious Like a Mother” by Lara Bazelon

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Like a Mother
on analysis and interviews centering Bazelon’s possess struggles and successes—a
private frame that intimately highlights the tensions of skilled ambition
and personalized interactions, but a single that necessarily puts far more broad-ranging
viewpoints at the periphery. Despite the fact that she interviews dozens of ladies (and some
of their little ones) throughout diverse backgrounds, there is little point out of the
racial inequities at enjoy in workplaces, both equally historic and modern-day. Not like the
women of her mother’s generation, Bazelon writes, “twenty-initially-century women
are encouraged and usually economically compelled to have skilled occupations.”
Yet even in her mother’s generation, it was typical for gals of color to get the job done
exterior the property. There have been incredibly standard factors to the e-book,
with an overall chapter on balancing function ambitions with getting a companion and
acquiring married right before giving beginning to biological children—priorities for some,
but definitely not all, of us.  

unsurprisingly for the book’s thesis, there is a robust emphasis on the rewards
of paid out, professional operate. For a dissenting viewpoint, she appears to Lillian, a
homeschooling mom of 3, whom she sees as “open challenge to my thesis.” The
two fulfilled when they both appeared on a television
about doing work moms and Lillian recounted how she and her little ones spend
their times understanding 3 languages and two types of musical instruments. “I
come to feel like it’s the most effective task in the environment,” Lillian mentioned of homemaking and
homeschooling. Still in simple fact, I imagine Lillian’s example supports Bazelon’s
argument that mothers and fathers want to discover pleasure and success in their function in
get to be excellent dad and mom. Lillian’s childcare and education and learning work just happens
to take place exterior of the formal capitalistic program (and within a remarkably
traditional and patriarchal marriage, by her account), but it is nonetheless
work—and some parents sense excellent ambition for it. A broader view of women’s
ambition automatically features all sort of function, paid and unpaid, all of which
is beneficial. The complications get started when we determine women’s ambition as well narrowly in
a person way or the other, toward or away from the domestic sphere.

Bazelon’s principal argument about the importance of ambition and accomplishment is
a critical and well timed get in touch with to motion as extra moms sign up for the workforce—and encounter
ever more bigger issues, specially in the wake of the deeply
disruptive pandemic. Bazelon mentions numerous periods the worth of altering
neighborhood, point out, and federal guidelines to “make workplaces and house life much more
equitable,” such as by ensuring paid out maternity leave—I would develop this to
consist of all types of family depart, like elder depart and all parental leave—and
subsidized childcare and common preschool. It’s not adequate simply to say
girls really should be very pleased gurus devoid of offering the support and products and services
they need, particularly mothers and fathers with decreased incomes, for whom the cost of
childcare can noticeably limit expert prospects.

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