November 28, 2023


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When do parents have the most influence in their children’s lives?

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Emily Marrison

Final week I was posed a tough question from a new guardian. He was imagining about all the time they will have with their children — from the day they introduced them residence from the clinic until finally they enter adulthood and depart their household. His query: “Are there specified levels in a child’s development that are extra vital to spend time than many others?”

Now that is a challenging dilemma. I undoubtedly have my possess existence activities with that as a guardian, but that is only my knowledge and would only be my confined viewpoint. So, what does exploration say about this?

I uncovered a research from 2016 that asked mothers and fathers and caregivers at what age or stage can they have the most influence on a child’s development. The researchers compared what they recognized as “expert knowledge” with perceived nearby realities of these mothers and fathers in South Africa.

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