December 7, 2023


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Reddit post about parent forcing hormones on transgender child is fake

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As states across the nation keep on to introduce a flurry of legislation targeting the LGBTQ+ community, a Reddit write-up gives the perception that a mother or father is forcing their boy or girl to continue to changeover from male to woman.

“Everyone else obtaining problems convincing your teenager kids to proceed transitioning,” the publish reported. “My 14-yr-aged daughter (AMAB) has started out refusing her estradiol so I’ve been crushing the pills and putting it in her cereal.” AMAB stands for assigned male at birth.

“This is f—— little one abuse and I’ll die on this Hill,” read a person tweet that re-shared the screenshot.

“Good parenting,” read yet another, sarcastically.

The write-up isn’t genuine. The “r/transparenttranskid” subreddit it was shared on was designed so folks could roleplay as transgender moms and dads and encourage inflammatory remarks and fabricated abusive techniques in the transgender community. It has considering that been removed by Reddit.

An August 2021 dialogue in an on the web forum uncovered by Reuters revealed  that users were planning on building false posts on the subreddit to escalate outrage.

“Don’t make the bait posts also clear,” the writer wrote, “but you do not have to try out too challenging both considering that redditors will try to eat up just about anything that makes them mad.” 

A man or woman with the username “Funkyduffy” responded to a call to “snap up” the subreddit and fill it with pretend stories. The very same username was driving the publish about the compelled estradiol.

The “r/transparenttranskid” subreddit was at some point shut down by Reddit due to the fact it violated the website’s policies and unfold hateful stereotypes, a system moderator explained in an August 25, 2021, put up about the channel’s shuttering. 

Trolls established the account to “roleplay as transgender moms and dads of transgender small children, in buy to platform hateful stereotypes of transgender persons,” the moderator wrote. “That subreddit has now been shuttered by Reddit for frequently violating the Reddit Guidelines They were being engaged in selling hatred of transgender folks, as perfectly as qualified harassment.”

Estradiol normally treats indications brought about by menopause. Even though it is utilized as a hormone to boost female qualities when a individual is transitioning, it is not routinely part of gender-affirming care for a 14-12 months-old. 

Gender-affirming care encompasses a range of social, psychological, behavioral and medical interventions developed to guidance and affirm a person’s gender identity when it conflicts with the gender they have been assigned at delivery. For teens, this is most generally social transitions — title, particular pronouns, outfits — as nicely as puberty blockers. Gender-affirming hormone remedy is commonly approved to begin at age 16, though it can fluctuate.

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A Reddit submit seems to demonstrate a transgender dad or mum admitting to forcing their youngster to carry on transitioning by sneaking hormone medication.

The put up is not legitimate. The subreddit thread it was shared on was designed so individuals could roleplay as transgender mother and father to promote fabricated abusive procedures and hatred of transgender persons. 

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