December 2, 2023


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Dear Care and Feeding,

My 2-12 months-outdated daughter is in a nanny share with a 2-yr-old boy. Our nanny is outstanding, and I have zero concerns about all my daughter’s basic wants in her treatment. But, it has become noticeable to my spouse and me that our nanny has a beloved, and it’s not our daughter. I really don’t know how or whether to deal with this. We have noticed the nanny saying, “I adore you” to the boy extra than our daughter, providing him more cuddles, engaging him in discussion much more, and subtly staying a bit much more enthusiastic with him.

On the a single hand, I know that people today just have individuality choices. The boy is quite bodily and verbally affectionate, and he is speaking properly earlier mentioned a 2-year-aged amount. My daughter is very unbiased, a great deal less of a talker (despite the fact that completely usual for a 2-calendar year-previous), and is indifferent to most verbal and bodily passion, besides in the contexts she likes. They have pretty diverse personalities.

Also, the nanny share is at our house, so my wife and I can pop in throughout the day and hug, comfort and ease, or interact with our daughter. Possibly our nanny gives him a very little additional to compensate?  Maybe she has a choice for boys, or feels closer to him for the reason that he is of the same race as her? Whatsoever it is, I just do not know if it is unsafe for our daughter. The nanny is incredibly affectionate with my daughter, she’s just a tiny more affectionate with the boy. The change in treatment is not tangible—snacks, principles, care—are all break up equally among the two youngsters. And my daughter is only 2—does she even notice or care? What would you do?

—Is Favorites a Terrible Thing?

Pricey Is Favorites a Bad Matter?,

It can feel a little bit like a slight when our young children are not the noticeable most loved kid of the other grownups in their daily life. But no, a nanny favoring just one baby more than yet another is not necessarily a bad factor. We cannot command how much any adult likes our small children. We can only try out to make sure that the grownups we trust to treatment for them will do so as competently as attainable.

The past paragraph of your letter offers a couple of answers to your queries. The nanny is affectionate with your daughter. She delivers her equivalent treatment, and there is no tangible variation in how she performs the obligations of her career with your daughter and the other little one in her treatment. Your daughter is only 2. Given how nicely she’s becoming handled by the nanny, as perfectly as by you and your spouse, who are in and out of the room, doting on her in the course of the working day, it’s really not likely she’s capable to discern any difference. The nanny’s perceived choice for the other boy isn’t impeding her potential to do her position. And it is not producing your daughter hurt.

You have asked what I would do. I believe I’d just be grateful to have what sounds like a pretty successful and capable nanny.


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