December 3, 2023


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How to talk to your kids about Texas shootings

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Rodney Long Jr. is a mental health therapist with a private practice in Hudson.

Talking with your kids about the Texas elementary school shooting — and acknowledging both of your feelings — is important, according to two local mental health experts. 

Parents too often put on a brave face and act like everything is OK, but it’s OK and important to acknowledge what happened and how we feel about it, said Rodney Long Jr., a mental health therapist with a private practice in Hudson. 

“More than anything, it’s just acknowledging the reality of the sadness behind this,” he said. “We know that this doesn’t happen all the time everywhere, but it happens too frequently that we have to address it head-on.” 

But adults and even mental health professionals need to take time to ground themselves and deal with their own emotions from the tragedy first, said Laura Gerak, clinical director of psychology at Akron Children’s Hospital. 

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