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8 Time Management Tips for Moms – bababaa

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8 Time Management Tips for Moms
– bababaa


Being a mom is one of the most rewarding roles a woman can have. But it is also one of the most demanding.

Juggling between career, children’s needs, household tasks, and other daily activities leaves little to no room for much-needed self-care. In addition, such a lifestyle can take its toll on mental health, relationships, and overall well-being. 

Good time management can help you:

  • Track where you spend time during the day
  • Identify the time thieves
  • Set priorities
  • Minimize distraction
  • Increase productivity at work
  • Create more time for yourself and your family

The following 8 time management tips for moms can help alleviate stress in your life and make room for yourself and the people you love. 

1. Set Boundaries 

Moms typically have a list of requests to answer each day – from helping their kids with homework to covering for colleagues’ last-minute deadlines at work. 

Boundaries can keep your stress levels in check. Learning to say ‘no’ to people’s requests with no further explanation or justification will help you set priorities and protect your mental health. 

2. Plan Breaks

Add in breaks to your daily schedule and go outside whenever you can. Plan time for mid-day meditation (this doesn’t have to last longer than a few minutes). Find a quiet spot in your garden or a park near your office to connect with nature and relax.

3. Do Something Fun with Kids Each Day

Plan a fun time with your children every day. For example, read children’s language learning books before bed, take your children to the park, do some art & craft for kids, cook with them, or go to the library together. 

4. Identify Time Thieves

During the day, we engage in various unproductive activities that waste our time. Such activities that cut in your day and disrupt your concentration are known as time thieves. These typically include procrastination, disruptions, and poor goal setting. 

Learning to identify your time wasters can help improve productivity and reduce stress. 

5. Plan Your day: Have a Routine

Routine can reduce stress and provide a sense of security. We tend to feel more confident while managing daily tasks when we have structure and routine in place. This is because the routine provides a sense of control over our lives. 

6. Learn to Delegate

However, it is helpful to learn how to let go of control and assign tasks to others. For example, give your kids age-appropriate household chores, ask your partner to take over so you can have dinner with friends, and don’t bite off more than you can chew at the office. 

7. Make Lists

Making lists for things you need to get done can relieve you from keeping everything in your head, helping you to stay organized and de-stressed. For example, you can create lists for the weekly menu, grocery shopping, kids’ activities, social activities, daily chores, etc.

8. Limit Distractions

It can be helpful if you disconnect from distractions while working or enjoying time with your family. Turn off your phone while reading English language learning books with children, learn to say ‘no’ to your kids’ demands for attention while working from home, and designate the time of the day for a digital detox.

Many working moms neglect their needs because they struggle with time management – there are simply not enough hours in the day to get it all done. 

These 8 time management tips for moms can help you stay organized, create space for ‘me-time,’ and enjoy quality time with your family. If you are looking for fun activities to do with your little ones, be sure to check us out here. 

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