December 3, 2023


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5 Things Your Toddler Expects From You

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5 Things Your Toddler Expects From You

In addition to the above, new parents need to follow these do’s and don’ts to sail through this phase of toddlers.

Positive Parenting Tips For New Parents

Parenting can feel overwhelming at times. And there are no hard-fast
rules for raising your munchkins right because every child is different.
However, the following
parenting tips
for toddlers
from in-the-know parents can help you make the journey through
parenthood a little more fun!

Don’t be Fussy About Meals


Tips for new parents
Keep toddler meal time happy and calm.

Remember, toddlers are expected to have odd food habits. So, when your
kid throws a tantrum about eating. Don’t rush or panic. Instead, offer a
variety of meals and let them eat what they want whenever they want.


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Instill the Habit of an Early Bedtime

Sleep is as essential to your kids as it is to you to recharge your
batteries. An early bedtime routine goes a long way and helps you and your
child get the well-rested time you need to get started for the next day.


Let Your Kids Hear No for an Answer

It is not advisable for new parents to
give in to all the requests that their kids make. Occasionally, it is better to
turn down the desideratum that is not in the best interest of your


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Create Small Traditions

Small traditions help you connect with your child at the psychological
and emotional levels. It can be as small as decorating their rooms with
balloons and streamers before they wake up on their birthday. 

Or it can be a
special handshake or a sweet gesture before bedtime. How about reading to your
child before they go to sleep every night? It keeps you connected with your
kids and lets them know you care.


Go Slow with Transitions

Remember, your kids will grow eventually, and their needs will change.
So, you will be making transitions over time from crib to bed or walker to

But, the changes do not have to be overwhelming for your kids. Give
them time to adjust and let them accept the sensory experience before you rush
the transitions for them.


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